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Ambulance driver permits

Application to obtain a City of Houston ambulance driver permit.

Tags: ambulance driver permit application, e-permit, ambulance driver permit

Application for COVID Safety Training Certification

Application for covid safety training.

Tags: COVID-19, application, Training, certification, Food Safety

Aquatic facility inspection requirements (December, 2020)

Inspection requirements for aquatic facilities.

Tags: aquatic facility, Pool, Spa, Swimming, Inspection, Requirements

Commercial Pool/Spa Requirements Plan Review Guide

Provides guidance on commercial pool/spa requirements for plans submitted to Health plan reviewers.

Tags: Pool

Electronic Plan Review for Commercial Buildings

Guide for first-time users to help them through the electronic plan review (EPR) process for commercial buildings.

Tags: No tags have been applied to this resource.

EMS permit reprint request

Form to request an EMS permit reprint.

Tags: Reprint, ems permit, ambulance driver permit, ambulance service permit

Food Manager Certification Manual: Chinese

FSMC Manual in Chinese

Tags: Food Manager, Food Handler, Food Certification, Food Service Manager, chinese

Food Manager Certification Manual: English

Tags: Food Manager, Food Handler, Food Certification, Food Service Manager

Food Manager Certification Manual: Spanish

FSMC Manual in Spanish

Tags: Food Manager, Food Handler, Food Certification, Food Service Manager, Spanish

Food Manager Certification Manual: Vietnamese

FSMC Manual in Vietnamese

Tags: Food Manager, Food Handler, Food Certification, Food Service Manager, Vietnamese

Food Service Manager Duplicate and Reciprocal Application

Application to apply for a duplicate or reciprocal food manager certificate.

Tags: Food Manager, Reciprocity, application, Food Safety

Houston Health Department: EMS program's essential equipment for ambulances as per Equipment for Ambulances April 2009 ACS-ACEP-NAEMSP

City of Houston Essential Equipment list.

Tags: Essential Equipment, ambulance equipment

Instructions- Food Establishments COVID-19 Safety Certified

Guidance document for food establishments detailing how to obtain COVID-19 safety training and certification.

Tags: COVID-19, Food Safety, Training

Minimum Standards for Residential Pool/Spa Plan Submission

Minimum Standards for Residential Pool/Spa Plan Submission.

Tags: Residential Pool, Residential Spa, Pool, Spa, Swimming, Pool Plan Submission, Spa Plan Submission

Ownership Verification form

Form to verify ownership of an aquatic facility.

Tags: Pool, Spa, Ownership

Permitted private ambulance companies list

List of permitted private ambulance companies authorized to operate in the City of Houston.

Tags: Permitted Ambulance Companies, Private Ambulance Companies, approved ambulance companies

Preopening Document Request Operator

List of the pools documents and information that must be submit for preopening.

Tags: Preopening, Pool, Spa

Private ambulance service initial and renewal application

Application to obtain a City of Houston ambulance service permit.

Tags: ems company, ambulance service permit, ambulance company application

Program information poster

EMS Program informational poster.

Tags: ems program, ems poster

Request for a letter of approval

Application to request a letter of approval.

Tags: Letter Of Approval, Loa, ems company, ambulance service permit