Page last reviewed: March 9, 2023

Investigative Review Committee

The investigative review committee (IRC) is responsible for reviewing all requests for research with the Houston Health Department on behalf of all divisions. Objectives of this committee are to review and determine the feasibility of every request submitted, and to ensure that each request does not adversely impact client care or operations.

These requests include but are not limited to requests that require IRB approval; some client/patient surveys; and requests for extraction of data from any of our department information systems, including but not limited to EPIC, our electronic medical record, Client Trak, our case management system, and MAVEN, our system for tracking surveillance data.

How to Request Research

Before starting any review, please email a written letter (signed by the person requesting the research), a completed IRC request form, and any attachments to:

Please allow the IRC committee a minimum of 30 days to consider and respond to your request. You must receive written approval from the IRC committee before you proceed.

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Required Statement

I understand that when I use, present, or publish the data released, I must include language that “Data was obtained by request from the Houston Health Department; however, any conclusions drawn from use of this data do not represent the official views of the Houston Health Department or the City of Houston.”