Pollution Control

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The Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention was established in 1967 to help abate air pollution in Houston. A water pollution control program was initiated in 1973. 


Call 311 or go to Houston 311

For a police, fire, medical, or other emergency, call 911 immediately.

Indoor Air Quality

We respond to indoor air quality issues as it pertains to residences for apartment units, hotels, motels and other sites that provide multifamily housing sites.

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Outdoor Air Quality

We offer outdoor air quality information for Houston, Texas. Learn about the Air Quality Forecast and Ozone Action Day alerts, Air Quality Index, Asthma Air Aware Day warnings, and the Houston Clean Air Network.

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Environmental Monitoring

We operate and maintain an ambient air monitoring network for Houston that follows the U.S. EPA protocols and quality assurance/control procedures.

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Environmental Regulation Enforcement

We work collaboratively with the Houston Police Department, Harris County Pollution Control, and other environmental agencies to resolve environmental violations.

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More HHD Services

Houston Pollen and Mold Reports

The Houston Health Department laboratory measures air samples to provide a daily report and recorded message for the pollen and mold spore count within the area. 

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Houston Wastewater Epidemiology

We monitor wastewater throughout the city of Houston to detect the presence of germs that cause communicable illnesses like COVID-19, influenza (the flu), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

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Senior Nutrition Programs

Our senior nutrition programs are designed to eliminate food insecurity for older, vulnerable adults. Through a network of community-based agencies and government entities, we manage the distribution of close to 1.5 million meals annually, to adults 60 years or older, throughout Houston and Harris County.

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Get Moving Houston Urban Gardens

The Get Moving Houston Urban Gardens provide hands-on experience in vegetable gardening and urban agriculture to community members and encourage the consumption of local fruits and vegetables.

Health Centers

We provide patient services to meet the community’s present and future needs in family planning, immunizations, tuberculosis diagnosis, care for sexually transmitted diseases, and dental care.

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