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Affidavit of holding capacity form

Affidavit of holding capacity form. Confirms the capacity of an interceptor.

Tags: affidavit, Holding Capacity, Waiver, Notice Of Waiver

Application for COVID Safety Training Certification

Application for covid safety training.

Tags: COVID-19, application, Training, certification, Food Safety

Best Management Practices for Food Establishments

Best management practices for food service establishments.

Tags: best management practices, Special Waste, Generator

Best management practices for multi family residence

Best management practices for multi family residence.

Tags: best management practices, Special Waste, Multi-Family Residence

Biological pretreatment permit application

Application to apply for a biological pretreatment permit.

Tags: Special Waste, Pretreatment

Boil water FAQ

Frequently asked questions for food establishments when a boil water notice has been issued. 

Tags: disaster, boil water notice, Low Water Pressure, Food Safety, faq

Certified Farmer's Market application

Application for a certified farmer’s market to apply for a license.

Tags: Farmers Market, Food Permit Application

Charitable Feeding Class Training Schedule: 2021

Charitable feeding class training schedule for 2021.

Tags: charitable feeding, Homeless, Feeding, calendar, Training

Cleaning in Progress Sign

Sign for shelters for when an area is closed while being cleaned. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Signage, cleaning, closed

Coughing and Sneezing Etiquette Sign

Sign for shelters on proper coughing and sneezing etiquette. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter

Covid-19 Symptoms Sign

Sign for shelters identifying Covid-19 symptoms. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Signage, COVID-19, Symptoms

Diaper Changing Station Sign

Sign for shelters identifying diaper changing stations.

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Signage, diaper, baby, changing

Disinfecting for Norovirus Sign

Sign for shelters with guidance on disinfecting for norovirus. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Norovirus, Signage, disinfection

Dog Patio Application

Application and list of requirements for food establishments seeking to permit dogs in outdoor eating areas

Tags: restaurant with dog patio, application, Outdoor

Emergency Preparedness Plan Application Guide

Guidance document on completing the emergency preparedness plan application.

Tags: disaster, application, Flood, Loss Of Power

Employee Hand Washing Sign

Sign for food establishments displaying proper handwashing guidance. 

Tags: disaster, Food Safety, Signage, Handwashing

Employee Health Policy

Guidance checklist for food establishments about the requirements of the food employee health policy.

Tags: Employee Health, Health Policy, employee form, Foodborne Illness

Employee Reporting Illness Sign

Sign for shelters advising employees experiencing illness to report their symptoms to their supervisor. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Signage, Infection, Reporting

Expedited Plan Review Procedures

This guideline is to identify the qualifications and procedures for requesting an expedited plan review by the Houston Health Department for food and beverage establishments.

Tags: Food Permit

Extended power outage FAQ

Frequently asked questions for food establishments during or after a power outage.

Tags: disaster, Power Outage, electricity, faq