Outdoor Air Quality

Woman outside breathing in fresh air

Asthma Air Aware Day Warnings

The Houston Health Department issues an Asthma Air Aware Day Warning when outdoor air conditions are similar to days when Houstonians historically experience a high number of asthma problems. Houstonians with asthma should be mindful of the potential risk on Asthma Air Aware Days.

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Air Quality Index

Every day the Air Quality Index (AQI) from EPA/AirNow tells you how clean or polluted your outdoor air is, along with associated health effects that may be of concern. AQI translates air quality data into numbers and colors that help people understand when to take action to protect their health.

Air Quality Forecast

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Air quality affects how you live and breathe. Like the weather, it can change from day to day, or even hour to hour. Up-to-date information allows you to make decisions based on air quality forecasts. EnviroFlash comes to you through a partnership between the US EPA and your state or local air quality agency - notifying you about air quality so you don't have to go searching for it.

Houston Clean Air Network

The extreme Texas heat often keeps Houstonians from heading to the park or taking an afternoon jog. Sometimes, however, they're dissuaded from outdoor activities due to poor air quality. Now, residents of the greater Houston area can track ozone levels through the Houston Clean Air Network.


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