Chronic Disease, Health Education and Wellness

Group of women exercising happily

We work with partners to improve the health of all Houstonians by increasing opportunities for chronic disease prevention, health education and self-management, access to healthy foods and beverages, opportunities for active living, and access to tobacco-free environments.

We implement evidence- and practice-based programming, policy, environmental, and system change interventions for chronic disease prevention. Focus areas are diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and tobacco use.

The Office of Chronic Disease, Health Education and Wellness is committed to:

  • advancing health equity and reducing disparities
  • maximizing health impact through innovative prevention strategies
  • empowering and educating communities and individuals to improve their health
  • increasing access to healthy environments where people live, work, and play
  • increasing community awareness of chronic disease prevention opportunities
  • advancing health in all policies, recognizing that all policies impact health