Get Moving Urban Gardens

The Get Moving Houston Urban Gardens provide hands-on experience in vegetable gardening and urban agriculture to community members and encourage the consumption of local fruits and vegetables.

The gardens are an interactive learning opportunity to demonstrate nutrition and gardening practices in an urban environment. It promotes physical activity and mental well-being through social interactions for people of all ages.

Garden Locations

Gardens are located at our multi-service centers.

Types of Gardens

There are 15 garden sites across the City of Houston, designated by type as a Garden Club, Adoption Garden, Specialty Garden, Employee Garden or Hybrid Garden (combo of two types).

  • Garden Club — Gardens are maintained by community members and volunteers. Clubs have a charter, minimum members and regular meeting/engagements.
  • Adoption Garden — Gardens are adopted by an external partner or another City of Houston program. Memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement required (see Adopt-A-Garden).
  • Specialty Garden — Gardens used for Office of Chronic Disease, Health Education and Wellness programs and/or use as platform for urban agriculture projects.
  • Employee Gardens — Workplace gardens that are maintained by volunteer, Houston Health Department staff.

Garden Activities and Calendar

  • Garden orientation classes
  • Garden maintenance
  • Adopt-A-Garden partnership
  • Service projects and volunteer days