Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Our purpose is to reduce the prevalence of childhood lead poisoning in the city of Houston, to educate health care professionals and the public about the hazards of childhood lead poisoning and identify and provide follow-up care to children with childhood lead poisoning.

We provide education to health care professionals and parents about the screening guidelines and hazards of lead poisoning, offer care coordination to children with blood lead levels, and educate citizens and contractors about lead poisoning and how lead hazards can be remediated from residential neighborhoods.

Our program’s activities are directed toward:

  • developing and enhancing a surveillance system that monitors blood lead levels
  • assuring that children exposed to lead are screened and provided with follow-up care
  • assuring awareness and action among the general public and affected professionals in relation to childhood lead poisoning
  • expanding primary prevention in high-risk areas
Prevent childhood poisoning. Get the facts. Get your home tested. Get your child tested.