Nutrition Education

Taste of African Heritage

six-week cooking series that brings a simple and healthy way of eating back to life. Join us as we meet the major foods of African heritage and learn how to easily prepare them at home.

Cooking for Health Living

This two-hour class will provide nutrition education on diabetes meal planning with a hands-on cooking experience in our DAWN learning kitchen.

Cooking Demonstration

Learn how to better manage your overall health through nutritional education demonstrations. Cooking demonstrations focus on a specific nutritional topic or meal that will enlighten you about healthy food choices & meal planning while introducing a variety of nutrient dense foods.

Eat What you Grow: Garden and Nutrition Series

The garden and nutrition classes are designed to help you learn how to grow your own produce as well as how to prepare fresh and healthy meals at home. This series will help guide you through every aspect of growing, harvesting, and preparing healthy meals with the fresh produce grown in the DAWN garden. These classes are taught by the DAWN registered dietitian and our master gardener. (The six-month series is only offered March through September)

Grocery Store Tour

A grocery tour designed to empower members to make better food purchases. The registered dietitian or public health educator will walk members from aisle to aisle where they will learn how to read labels, be introduced to new ingredients, get assistance picking out healthier options, and get answers to some of their food and nutrition questions.

A Dash of Salt

This one-hour nutrition education class is focused on reducing sodium intake by applying the DASH eating plan, a lifestyle approach to healthy eating, which is designed to treat or prevent hypertension.


Cooking demontration