The Wrap Network is a component of the My Brother's Keeper Houston initiative.

System of Care (SOC) is a wraparound service model designed to support students and families in the My Brother's Keeper feeder pattern.

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The Houston Health Department SOC is a manifestation of a broader system of care framework; a spectrum of community-based services and supports for children and youth with, or at-risk for, mental health and/or other challenges.

Early warning system data combined with qualitative information from school personnel serve as a proactive system for identifying at risk students. This comprehensive data driven tiered system helps to ensure students receive the appropriate level of intervention.


In collaboration with multiple child- and youth-serving entities, the Houston Health Department convened stakeholders to develop and implement a system of care. These entities included Houston Independent School District, Communities in Schools, Community Youth Services (a program of the Harris County Protective Services), Harris Center for Mental and IDD (formerly MHMRA), and Harris County Department of Education. This model ensure that all students are able to reach their full potential.

Tiered Services System

The SOC model provides three tiers of services to students at each school site:

  • Tier 1 (Universal) services are offered to all students on a needs basis. They include enrichment programs, behavioral support systems including mentoring, psychoeducational groups, health and wellness services, food provision, HHD service linkage, parent engagement and support activities, and other needs based services. Tier 1 services are coordinated by the MBK Senior Counselor, in collaboration with school- and community-based partners. 
  • Tier 2 (Tailored and Enhanced) services are offered only to students in target grade bands. Kindergarten, third, sixth and ninth grades are the focus of Tier 2 services. Students outside of these grades are eligible for Tier 1 services and based on need may receive Tier 2 or 3 services. Services for students assigned to this Tier are coordinated by the CYS Worker including supportive counseling, evidenced based groups, and conflict resolution. 
  • Tier 3 (Crisis Intervention) services are coordinated through the Parent Partner and Care Coordinator, with support from The Harris Center. Services for students assigned to Tier 3 include intensive case coordination, wraparound services, emergency assistance, and other need-based services for students and families. 

Types of Support

  • Provide on-going supportive counseling to students
  • Campus and student support services
  • Provide crisis intervention, debriefing, and consultation
  • Facilitate support groups such as grief groups, stress management, social skills, and anger management
  • Conduct suicide assessments
  • Provide resources, linkage, and referrals for students, families and school personnel
  • Provide basic/seasonal items as available
  • Provide housing resources for families who are homeless or at-risk
  • Serve as liaison between school, Texas Department of Family Protective Services, and juvenile probation
  • Partners with The Harris Center for Mental Health for therapeutic interventions and psychiatric needs